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Eye on Rights Earrings


The Eye on Rights earrings are a reminder to you to (wait for this) keep an eye on your rights! Because equality is never given — it must be taken. Stay alert, speak up, take action!

Meticulously handmade with designated right and left sides, the hand hammered pupil rotates because you are alert to all the obstacles and opportunities! This product is a collaboration with M.Montague.

100% fair trade recycled brass made by Kenyan women working in the Kybera slum. We support women.

Buy this product and we’ll donate a feminist patch to girls’ empowerment organization, Project Soar. Multiply your feminist impact!

This product is made to order.

Please note that this product will ship December 2018.

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_FED1822 Modified_eye-on-rights-earrings_white.jpg